Above and Beyond 2015

GCWCC’s “Above and Beyond Banquet” continues to honour Past-Presidents, and also recognizes additional outstanding volunteers at Community Centres!

From Left: St Vital City Councillor Brian Mayes, Past President Peter Elwick and Tim Killeen.

Peter Elwick

President 2007-2015, Current Past President


Peter has been a member of  Glenwood  Community Centre for  30 years. He has been a perennial volunteer for the 4th Scouts Group hosted at Glenwood, taking on roles of Scout Leader and Head Scout. Peter was always ready to help out at the various activities at Glenwood, including the Glenwood Hockey Tournaments, Winter Carnivals, Folklorama, Breakfast with Santa, and various Christmas parties. Peter has played the role of  Santa Claus for these events for many years. Our most memorable was the year that Peter forgot his suspenders; Santa lost his pants twice!


Peter was President at Glenwood for 8 years, during which time many new programs and projects were undertaken. He was known as the man who never missed a meeting, especially if there was coffee, muffins or a meal included! He always liked to help out and welcome everyone who came into the Centre and, as we all know, he likes to chat…


On one occasion, a large group of individuals came in  that couldn't speak English. Peter told them to follow him as he took them on a tour of the facility, including the arena. After they emerged saying, “Cold,cold, cold!”, Peter discovered they were a new group of ELA students that were supposed to be next door. Now they were late for class!


Peter ,you always told the board if you surround yourself  with good people, they will make you look great. Truth is, you’re a pretty great person on your own. Thank you for your dedication.


From Left: St Vital City Councillor Brian Mayes, Volunteer Above and Beyond from Glenwood C.C. Derek Dagert and Tim Killeen.

Derek Dagert

Summer Sports Convenor, 1999-2015


Derek has represented Glenwood Community Centre as the Summer Sports Convener for the last 16 years.  During his many years of hard work and dedication he was also a member of the Bonivital Baseball Association Board.  Derek  coached many teams, and registered many of our members for baseball and soccer seasons.  Derek has played a vital role in our Community Centre, ensuring that there was equipment for players to use and fields that are available for our youth and adults to play on.


Derek organized and ran the rookie Jamboree tournament at Glenwood for 14 years.  Most of those years we never even hosted a rookie team but Derek ensured it was a good time for all, rain or shine.


We would like to acknowledge Derek's dedication and contributions to the Glenwood Community Centre by recognizing him as a volunteer of distinction at this event. We hope you enjoy extra time with your family, Derek, and we can't wait to have you back as the Learn to Play coach when Kylie hits the field in 2018 .